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Who won the 1994 World Series?
Who did Brett Favre complete his first pass to?
What team lost to Duke in the Christian Laettner buzzer beater game?
Who is the Los Angeles Dodgers boradcaster?
What University do 4 of the 32 2010 NFL coaches attend?
Who drafted Eli Manning?
Where did Chad Ochocinco attend?
How many teams did Wayne Gretzky play for in the NHL?
Who was drafted the pick before Michael Jordan?
What country is Toni Kukoc from?
What coach did Latrell Sprewell choke?
What number did Kobe Bryant wear in high school?
Who is Livan Hernandez's brother?
Who was the coach of the Indiana Pacers during the 1999-2000 season?
Who won the 2005 Heisman trophy?
What Cindarella team beat Georgia to win the College Baseball World Series?
What disease does former NBA player Brian Grant suffer from?
Who is the GM of the Dallas Cowboys?
Who did Pau Gasol traded for in 2008?
How many national titles Notre Dame have in football?

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