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Forced Order
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Largest country in the world
Country with the biggest population
Name the odd one out: Nile, Mississippi, Seine
A country starting with F outside of Europe
Name a country that starts with J
A famous bridge in London
The most spoken language
Tallest building in the world
Capital city of Australia
The most populated island country
Country with most neighbours
Largest country in Africa (10th largest in the world)
The river shown at the start of Eastenders
Name the odd one out: Montenegro, Kosovo, Croatia
The most northerly capital city
Country with the most Jews
...and the most Christians
...and the most Sikhs
True or False: The longest river on Antarctica is 30km long
The most obese country in the world (it's in Oceania)
At the closest point, how far apart (in miles) are Russia and USA
Which country produces the most oranges
What is the largest ocean in the world
True or False: The northen part of a continent is wider than the southern part
The only country to begin with O
..and with Y
The most common surname in the UK
What about the USA
The first country to give women the vote
The most common crime in England and Wales
The biggest selling daily UK newspaper
The country with the most primary school pupils

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