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Forced Order
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What is Dave's last name?
What is the last name that Dave's parents would not allow him to have?
What is Dave's middle name?
What is Dave's million dollar idea? (Hint: takes place on a football field)
What does Dave call a hockey goal?
What does Dave call the mesh hanging behind a hockey goal?
How is Dave planning to keep the animals in his fighting league from escaping?
What was Dave's reason for the animals wanting to fight each other?
What did Dave say he would tape to the backs of the animals if they did not want to eat each other?
According to Dave, what is the chance of any one event happening?
What did Dave say while playing Family Feud and waving both hands in the air?
What is Dave's favorite baseball pitch?
Which Loftite does Dave think has the perfect body?
According to Dave, what number never comes up on a die because it is its own number?
What AP test did Dave steal the question sheet from, leading to him getting in trouble with Dr. Vijaya and Dr. Abramson?
What nickname did Dave give to himself when he was playing football?
According to Dave, what is the most dangerous form of cancer?
What is the property that Dave created to argue that Lukoil was closer to the Loft than the cafeteria?
What is the name of Dave's imaginary friend who he invited to the Loft's 2008-2009 Fantasy Football League?
What did Dave say was the new name of Pizza Hut?
What is Dave's sister's occupation? (Hint: not an attorney)
What type of games did Dave say the baseball player Kerry Wood close?
Finish this famous Dave quote: ME?!?! ____!!!!
Who was the person that Dave tried to fight but tripped and landed on top of?
Who was the person that Dave whacked with a seltzer bottle but then got his ass kicked by?
What type of meat is Dave always bragging about eating? (not penis)
What did Dr. Galitzky call Dave when Dave got a 'B' on a quiz?
What was one thing that Dave said he would do when he got to college?
What was the other thing that Dave said he would do when he got to college?
What does Dave consider himself a beast at?
How does Dave like his buffalo wings?
What basball player is always a part of Dave's fantasy baseball trades?
What word did Dave use to describe the hockey player Jay Pandolfo?
What was Dave's response when told that the New Jersey Devils were ahead of the Carolina Hurricanes 3-2 in the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals of the 2009 Stanley Cup Playoffs?
When Dave told Roger, Noah, Gawin, Will, and Moaaz that he would receive the highest grade on the current physics test, what place did he actually come in out those Loftites?
Who created a Beowulf-style poem all about Dave?
What type of society does Dave believe he would thrive in?
What African American revolutionary organization did Dave say he would join in the future?
What does Dave do when he tries to run?
Dave was constantly late for one class, which led to Dr. Bath calling his name over the loudspeaker and approximately 10 members of the Loft to yell 'OH' in unison. Name the class.
According to Dave, where are the children?

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