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Can you name the top 100 critically-acclaimed albums of all time? (they're in order, if that helps)

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1997's Alt-Rock Classic
The album that everyone has a shirt of
The Fab Four's highest rated album
Probably the most iconic album cover
Third in a row from this band
Genre-bending electronic album
Grunge's mainstream breakthrough
The Indie Rock darling of 2004
The fathers of alternative with Andy Warhol art
'4' by your dad's favorite band
Self-titled and uncovered
Two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl
Brian Wilson's masterpiece
The highest rated punk record ever
The free online release that shop the music biz
One-hit wonder comes back huge in '95
The spaceman's best
Pitchfork's favorite album
The best of the '80s and Kurt Cobain's favorite band
Road + number + to have come again
NME's favorite album by a huge '80s alt band
A certain notorious band's first masterpiece
The third album on this list by these prog-rockers
When garage rock made a comeback
Self-titled album by Jim Morrissey's group
The what? The huh?
If you know what shoegaze is you know the answer
The second album on this list by the raspy folk singer
Mick Jagger's masterpiece
1989 self-titled debut that the band never topped
The most famous guitar player of all-time's best album
The best album of 1977 by a Landslide
You definitely know a superfan of this Irish group; this is their best
Third album on the list by this folk singer, this time in sunglasses
'2' by your dad's favorite band
That other grunge album (whose name is a number)
The highest-rated jazz album (what is royal?)
Ian Curtis made everyone suicidal with this 1979 record
2010's Alternative AOTY by these Canadian alt-rockers
The biggest prog-rock that isn't by Pink Floyd
Anyway, here's Wonderwall...
The Boss' biggest hit
This singer left our world too soon, but his only album was '94's best
If this album's title is true, this band is called the Tropical Gorillas
If Paint It Black wasn't their biggest song, it's from this album
2002's somber indie classic with an interesting name
Kurt's third album was his darkest
Post-punk's biggest album referring to a celestial body
The spaceman's 1971 album includes 'Life on Mars'
Not people, but... (prog-rock classic)
David Byrne and Brian Eno make an 8-track classic in 1980
Another '89 classic by an emotional pop group
Michael Stipe's biggest record by a band with a three-letter name
The greatest R&B record about what's happening at the moment
He's known for Brown Eyed Girl, but this is his best complete record
Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore's candlelit cover
Your dad's favorite band's self-titled album
The highest rated rap album (it's from 2010)
The best album about a midwestern state
Billy Corgan's album that WASN'T too 'melancholy'
1972 folk masterpiece by someone not named Bob Dylan with innovative guitar work
Jack White and his ex-wife took the world by storm in 2001, but this was even better
Axl Rose and Slash's group make a great debut
This band is named after the strongest emotion and made the '60s most underrated album
The post-punk album, not that Chainsmokers song
This icelandic album is called Agaetis Byrjun, so name the band and we'll call it even
Acoustic Manland? Wait that isn't right...
One more by the second biggest band of the '60s
Freddie Mercury didn't spend his day here
The political Irish group's 1991 hit
Okay, now it's that Billy Corgan album I was talking about earlier
When he passed this year, he weren't feeling very 'high'
The king of pop's biggest album, and you know it by that dance
Before Chris Martin sold out but after he made Parachutes
They weren't great musicians, but in 1977 they were political, punk, and fun as hell
Absolutely Possibly this band's second best album
1994's self-titled power-pop debut included the hit 'Buddy Holly'
When the '49ers were gone... by a Canadian singer-songwriter
The grandfather album of heavy metal, by Ozzy's group
If you know what trip-hop is, you know this album (it isn't Mezzanine)
The movie of the same name wasn't so hot, but this double-EP was
The most popular album named after artistic vandalism
Fight Club ends with a song from this album, and this band appeared once already on this list
In 1999 and before these guys were fighting Pink Robots, they released this record
He never sleeps 'cause sleep is the cousin of death, and this '94 debut is a GOAT rap album
Before 'Enter Sandman' and the Black Album
It's the same guys from #84 and the fight is on
Air conditioning meets the U.S. capital for this hard-rock banger
This 2002 post-punk revival album by a band that sounds like 'in her pool'
The first big hit by a kid also known as Compton's human sacrifice
This indie-folk breakthrough includes 'Skinny Love'
1973 album titled after the dwelling places of priests and nuns
The cover of this self-titled rap-rock album is a burning monk
This folk singer's 1965 record featuring 'Subterranean Homesick Blues'
At first a critical disappointment, this 1995 sophomore record slowly became loved by fans
2009's psychedelic/experimental pop breakthrough by Avey Tare & Panda Bear
2007's follow-up to the greatest indie debut of all time
Sometimes called a collection of Kid A B-sides, but a fan favorite nonetheless
This female Canadian's record is named after a color
The second jazz record to make an appearance, this is a 3-song 1965 record

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