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Forced Order
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Inter War TriviaAnswer
These laws said that Jews were not citizens
Mussolini and his supporters marched on this city where he was eventually given Prime Ministership
The name given to the 'Jewish Question'
All six major concentration camps were in this country
Name given to period when Stalin had all opponents to him killed
The chief architect of the final solution
A system of government characterized by rigid one-party dictatorship
He was in charge of the Gestapo
An area of a given city where Jews were restricted to
This is the other religion that was persecuted against by the Nazi's
The number of years of Stalin's plan to turn around 'backwardness' of Russia
Name of large farmers of Russia who refused to give up their land to Stalin
Ein Reich means
Hitler preferred Germans have this color of hair
Approximately how many Jews were killed during the holocaust
Name of the German legislature
This magazine named Hitler 'Man of the Year'
The elite troops that were sometimes called stormtroopers
Hitler's superior race
This act stated Hitler did not have to follow the constitution
This German President named Hitler to his first position of power
Inter War TriviaAnswer
Name of republic responsible for Germany during time of Treaty of Versailles
Name given to Hitler's government from 1933-1945
Ein Volk means
Mussolini grants autonomy to this geographical area in return for support
If you have a hatred towards Jews you practice
Stalin implements this type of economy in Russia
The brutal Russian prison camp
This historian denies the holocaust ever happened
To speed up the murdering of Jews Himmler began to use these
organization whose job was to spread the word of communism around the world
Stalin, Mussolini, and Hitler all used this to gain support
Hitler considered this religion one of the twin evils
The night of the long _________ is when Hitler got rid of 85 political opponents
The number of extermination camps
The doctor in charge of 'human experimentaion'
This extermination camp was responsible for the most Jews being murdered
Adolph Hitler's political party
Main way that Jews got from ghettos to concentration camps
This Roman symbol became the symbol for fascism
This caused prices to dramatically increase in Germany
Mussolini's combat squads
Inter War TriviaAnswer
Einsatzgruppen were
This fire helped Hitler rid the government of communists
She was the 'Bitch of Buchenwald'
This section of the SS were in charge of the concentration camps
Founder of Fascism in Italy
When one party controls every aspect of their citizens lives it is this type of state
Hitler and Stalin both used this to control the news given to the people
Part of the thought in Mein Kampf was to get revenge against this country
Stalin takes control of Russia after this man dies
Hitler's first source of power was when he was named to this position
Ein Fuhrer means
term used to describe Stalin's attempts to convert people to russian culture and traditions
The state-sponsored systematic persecution and annhilation of European Jews
He was in charge of the SS
Most historians consider this 'night of the broken glass' the beginning of the holocaust
Mussolini's nickname
All Jews were identified by the star of
Hitler considered this form of rule one of the twin evils
Hitler preferred Germans have this color of eyes
This agreement allowed 60,000 Jews to emmigrate to Poland
This book contained the ideology of Hitler

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