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Can you name the Duddy Wirth?

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What is Dud Wirth's middle name?
Is Dud's Mother Attractive?
What is Dud's favorite show on discovery channel?
What body part does Dud sometimes feel like snapping off?
What did Dud grab instead of a QD bosco stick?
What was Dud glad was black so he could take it to the Ghetto?
The toilet paper and Trent's house is what to Dud's butt?
What does Dud's brow smell like sometimes?
What is Dud not a fan of?
What did Dud call Wife Beaters?
Where is Dud a pro at sleeping at?
Whats Dud's favorite thing to do in church?
When is Dud's Birthday?
What toy lets Dud know if he would like to go to war?
In a football game Dud's sock fell down, what did Dud proceed to do?
At basketball camp, who's arm did Dud put his death grip until said person begged for mercy?
On an unrelated note, who has Dud found to love Granola Bars?
What does Dud love, but hate to drink because it feels like egg yoke?
What does Dud like to trap?
Al, I've got too much _______ for you to handle.
What was Dud's football number
What actor in comedy films does Dud love?
What piece of clothing did Dud get mad at his sister for washing?
When al asked Dud if he found his deer, what did Dud say?
According to Dud what should enable you to skip 8th grade
'For God's sake if your gonna drink, don't drink till drunkenness and do what?

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