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*Frontman of KISS, _____ Stanley
To attack violently
A bunch of shops connected into one in this one giant building
To have great height
To communicate information
*KISS's second studio album: Hotter than _____
A smaller version of a mountain
To a gas station worker: '____ her up'
Archive into a folder or drawer
*KISS hit from 1984: Heaven's on ______
To become in need of rest
A style of flooring
A short story
To verbally speak
*Bruce Kulick's only lead vocal: I ____ Alone
1979's Pink Floyd: The _____
The opposite of ill
Give in exchange for money
A slab of stone at the base of a window
A common type of pickle
an American automobile manufactured in Reading, Pennsylvaniaan American automobile manufactured in Reading, Pennsylvania in the early 1900s
To join together to eat.
The door bell goes:
*2nd Track off of the Destroyer album: ______ of the Night Time World
A search engine usually mocked
Places to store things
small portions
Athletes use these to hit a ball in baseball.
The cereal: Honey bunches of ______
*Most notable song from the infamous KISS concept album: The _____
An act of washing oneself in a tub of water.
*KISS's highest charting song, peaking at number 6 in 1976
'All _____ are off'
Each part of a rock concert in between intermissions are known as:
Instead of standing, he ______
sets of articles or equipment needed for specific purposes
You Wanted the Best, You Got the Best! The Hottest Band in the World:

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