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Can you fill in this Ghost themed, 4-letter Word Ladder?

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*Single from Ghost's Prequelle album
A 1980s hair metal band known for their song, Round and Round.
Assess or evaluate
Despise; Loathe
Another name for a Rabbit
*Ghost covered this Beatles song on Opus Eponymous: _____ Comes the Sun
Belonging to a female
*Rock Ballad off the album Meliora (2 words)
Descendant; Successor
To take in sound
*From Ghost's 2013 album, Infestissumam: ________ (Rung 20)
Pull or rip apart
A dark greenish-blue color
Sesame, or oil from a sesame seed
to touch something
Plural of foot
A dark red, spherical vegetable
A famous chimney sweep who likes to Step in Time
'the SI unit of frequency' minus z
Spiderman is a Super _____
*From Ghost's 2013 album, Infestissumam: (Rung 11) ____________

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