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your hintextra info
hacer+________+____+conjugate verb
conjugated verb+_______+ period of time
only use desde when verb is in
verb is in ______ if it is duration of an action that is still going on. ex i have been working here for 3 years
verb is in ______ if it is the amount of time elapsed since completion of action. i worked at the store 2 years ago
emotions menatl states physical descriptions are
i was sitting on the couch, when the doorbell rang. was sitting on the coach is
when the doorbell rang
verbs that are similtaneous. ex while I ____, I _____
when endpoint or duration of action is indicate
descriptions of weather and feelings
when story narraged, succesvie actions
with relative pronouns you usually use ___
relative pronouns in english(aplphabetical order)
you DONT HAVE to use QUE when ___ or ____ indroduces clause set off by _____
you HAVE to use quien(es) when whom follows a _______ or is acting as an _____ _____
el cuento
la cuenta
to pay attention or take into account
singular possesive adjectives
they have to _____ in number(and gender in the case of nosotros vosotros) to the nouns that they are reffering to
formal commands for usted/usteds negative/positve they are all the _____ formation
use the long forms of relative pronouns in _______ situations
long forms can only be used in places where ______ can be used informally
the fours things that can go before que or cual for more formal situations are
formal relative pronouns for clause set off by commas can be used when referring to ______ or ______
que and cual are _______ for relative pronouns
your hintextra info
either.. or
not even
no longer
not yet
alguno ninguno means someone noone from a ________
nadie/alguien used ______reference to a particular group
when stuff fucntions as direct object has __ before it
more than anything expressed with _____ in spanish
to move to change residence
to move or be moved from place to place
to move an object or part of the body
to feel followed by nouns
to feel followed by ajective
can also mean to regret
your hintextra info
to feel as in to believe never use ______
haber in present
haber in present
haber in present
haber in present
haber in present
haber in present
i have done something
pronouns placed before ______ ______ ___ ____
haber in subjunctive
haber in subjunctive
haber in subjunctive
haber in subjunctive
haber in subjunctive
haber in subjunctive
_____ cues as subjunctive
present perfect subjuctive when sujunctive verb happened _______ main verb
when speaker knowsadjective clause exist use
when speaker doesn't know if it exists use
when speaker knows it doesnt exist use
to be succesfull in a particular field or activity
to suceed, to botain or acheiv a goal
to occur, to happen, or to follow in succession
to attend (a function or to be present)
to take in to account, to take care of, to wait on
to assist
to become, change in physical or emotion state, can be followed by adjective
more dramatic form of ponerse
to get to be more effortless change
to get to be more consious change

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