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Can you name the Famous Alter Egos?

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Alter EgoPersonOccupation
Mr. HydeLiterary Character/Doctor
Ziggy StardustMusician
Sal ParadiseWriter/Traveler
Sasha FierceMusician
Stephen DedalusWriter (started when he was a 'Young Man')
Achmed the Dead TerroristStand-up Comic
ShiekVideo Game Character/Monarch
NobodyKing/General/Very Unlucky Traveler
Marty DiBergiDirector/Mockumentarian
Mr. Evil Dr. PorkchopMovie Character/Toy
Hannah MontanaActor/Singer/Marketing Genius
BoratActor/Pseudo-documentary Maker
Alter EgoPersonOccupation
Gandalf the WhiteLiterary Character/Wizard
Slim ShadyMusician
Billy ShearsMusician
RaaaaaaaandyStand-up Comic/Actor
Poor TomShakespeare Character
The Dread Pirate RobertsLiterary (or Movie) Character/Lover
Quail ManTV Character
Stephen Colbert (Conservative Talk Show Host)Actor/Fake Journalist
Mabel 'Medea' SimmonsDirector/Actor
Mrs. DoubtfireMovie Character/Father
Captain FantasticMusician/Friend of the Dirt Brown Cowboy
The Dirt Brown CowboyLyricist (Most famously for 'Captain Fantastic')

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