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QUIZ: Can you name the Animals by Species II?

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Harbor, Dall's, Finless
Galapagos, Spurred, Leopard
Dung, Rhinoceros, Atlas
Sloth, Brown, Sun
Bulldog, Fruit, Ghost
Spectacled, Black, Broad-snouted
Patas, De Brazza's, Proboscis
Yellowfin, Bluefin, Bigeye
Five-lined, Blue-tongued, Stump-tailed
Gray, Blue, European
Belted, Pied, Common
Gaboon, Eyelash, Green
Olive, Chacma, Gelada
Peppered, Luna, Grease
Spotted, Fire, Hellbender
Javan, Siberian, Bengal
Golden, Harpy, Steller's Sea
Cape, Water, American
Green, Tricolored, Night
Tufted-ear, Pygmy, Silvery
Fennec, Arctic, Red
Blue-and-Yellow, Scarlet, Hyacinth
Jumping, Wolf, Funnel-web
Eurasian, American, Honey
White, Black, Indian
Harp, Fur, Leopard

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