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Arab, Quarter, Friesian
Malayan, Baird's, Brazilian
Toco, Keel-billed, Ariel
Bull, Tree, Poison dart
Fallow, White-tailed, Mule
Lesser, Giant, Silky
Grevy's, Plains, Common
Nile, Saltwater, Dwarf
Orca, Humpback, Beluga
Griffon, White-backed, Egyptian
Hammerhead, White, Tiger
Arctic, Gray, Ethiopian
Crested, White-cheeked, Javan
Red-tailed, Cooper's, Sharp-shinned
Swamp, Dama, Parma
Reticulated, Carpet, Burmese
Snow, Clouded, Amur
Spotted, Striped, Brown
Adjutant, Marabou, Shoebill
Moray, Electric, Gulper
Humboldt, Giant, Vampire
African, Asian, African Forest
Fire, Army, Leaf-cutter
Milk, Hawk-wing, Queen
King, Edible, Spider
Green, Marine, Cayman

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