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Can you name the Mesopotamian Gods and Goddesses?

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God of Storms
God of the Air
God of the Heavens
God of Fertility
God of Creation
Goddess of the Underworld
Goddess of Love
God of Wisdom
Goddess of Prophecy
God of Destruction
Goddess of the Earth
God of Agriculture
God of the Sun
God of the Moon
God of Food
God of Vegetation
Goddess of the Ocean
Goddess of Fate
Goddess of Grain
God of Rebirth
God of Rivers
God of Farming
God of Farm Animals
God of Mayhem
God of Fire
God of Law
God of Buildings
God of Herding
God of Healing
Goddess of Reeds and Marshes
God of Magic
Goddess of Barley
God of Light
Goddess of Weaving and Clothing
Goddess of Wine
Goddess of Writing
God of Barbers
God of Vermin

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