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Can you name the Greek Heroes and Demi-Gods?

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Demigod who slayed the Minotaur
Demigod who had to do Twelve Labours
Hero of the Argonauts
Hero who sailed the Ocean
Heroine who founded the Amazons
Demigod who road Pegasus
Demigod who killed Medusa
Hero who is famous for his heel
Hero who had a relationship with 2 gods
Demigod who invented the Labyrinth
Heroine who is famous for her hair
The Cup-Bearer of Zeus
Heroine who has an affair with Eros
Founders of Rome
Demigod of the Aenead
Hero of the Trojan War
Hero who slayed the Calydonian Boar
Demigod who loved to play music
Hero raised in the Wild
The Most Famous Seer of the Future

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