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Can you name the Greek Creatures and Monsters?

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Half-Goat and Half-Human
Half-Horse and Half-Human
Half-Bull and Half Human
Monster that Petrifies it's Prey
Sisters of Monster Above
Half-Human and Half-Spider
One-Eyed Monsters
Part Fish, Human, and Horse
Half-Cow and Half-Serpent
Forest Nymphs
Fresh Water Nymphs
Salt Water Nymphs
Cloud Nymphs
Half-Chicken and Half-Human
Three Headed Dog
Half-Woman and Half-Lion
Part Dragon, Lion, Goat, and Scorpion
Dragon Guardian of the Sea of Monsters
Whirlpool Guardian of the Sea of Monsters
Half-Eagle and Half Horse
Half-Eagle and Half Lion
Singing Mermaids
Winged Horse
Part Dog, Human, and Seal
Man with Three Torsoes
Lion with Impenetrable Fur
Monsters with Six Arms
Bronze Birds
Giant Snake
Snake Women
Man with Many Eyes
Half-Horse and Half-Chicken
Half-Horse and Half-Fish
Monster with Many Heads
Giant Boar
Silver Deer
Giant Pig
Half-Dragon and Half Snake
Hundred-Handed Ones

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