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Can you name the South Park Non-Human Characters?

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Stan's pet dog 
Cartman's pig who has sex with an elephant 
Yellow, big-headed, incredibly annoying endangered species 
Class gerbil who journeys through Mr. Slave's body 
The Christmas poo 
Mr. Garrison's hand puppet 
Cartman's pet cat 
Stan's aquatic pet that kills people 
Loves gettin high and staying dry 
Tiny people who steal clothes from Tweek at night 
The true writers of Family Guy 
Freak strikers boiled this crustacean alive when they discovered he was an imposter 
Cartman's favorite stuffed animal 
Animal who is suppose to help Cartman with his spelling bee 
Al Gore is super cereal about this monster 
Cartman sees these creatures after taking ritalin 
Basket weaving creature who has celery for an arm and Patrick Duffy for a leg 
Cartman's hand who sings about tacos and burritos 
Demon who chef almost marries 
Talking whale from the moon 
Satan worshipping animals of the forest 
First replacement for Mr. Garrison's hand puppet 
Aliens that allow Ethiopians to live on their planet 
Russell Crowe's suicidal boat 
Underground crustaceans who try to take over the world 
Travis' louse wife who tragically dies on Clyde's head 
Celebrity Barbara who transforms into giant mechanical dinosaur 
Timmy's thanksgiving turkey 
The time child's robotic dog 
Pope according to the Hair Club for Men 
Bear mascot who travels to the Island of Misfit Mascots 
Giant Peruvian animals sent away by pan flute bands 
Action figure who hangs out at the bowling alley drinks heavily and chews tabacco 
Amphibian that can kill you with one glare 
Aliens from the planet Fognl that produced the show 'Earth' 
Cartman's 'Dawson's Creek' themed folder that transforms into a Rosie O'Donnell like monster  
Japanese toys designed to brainwash kids into bombing Pearl Harbor 
Token decides to live with this lion who loves jokes 
Lyrical genius who realizes hes actually a gay fish 
Dancing duck from the South Park Diggities 
Pink alien criminal who steals loads of space money 
Workout equipment who helps Sharon learn to please Randy 
Bradley's superhero identity. Shablagoo!! 
The German invention designed for comedy 
This spirit from the stomache's cove enjoys enjoys bass to mouth 
Evil gerbil who runs Eavesdropper 
This beast kidnapped the Canadian Princess 

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