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Can you name the South Park Adults?

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Stan's Dad (first and last name) 
Stan's Mom (first and last name) 
Kyle's Dad (first and last name) 
Kyle's Mom (first and last name) 
Eric's Mom (first and last name) 
Kenny's Dad 
Kenny's Mom 
Butters' Dad 
Butters' Mom 
Cafeteria worker who sings about making love 
Homosexual teacher who gets two sex change operations 
Stan's Uncle who enjoys hunting 
Stan's Uncle's vietnam buddy 
The large-headed school counselor 'Mmkay' 
Canadian stars of the kids' favorite show 
The town's highly untrained and undereducated police officer 
The mayor of South Park 
City Wok owner 
School Principal 
Homosexual owner of a runaway animal farm 
School teacher with saggy breasts and drifting lazy eye 
South Park's Priest 
Homosexual teaching assistant and replacement for Mr. Hat and Mr. Twig 
School bus driver 
Mad scientist who specializes in genetic engineering 
Over dramatic police detective 
Suicidal woodshop teacher who wants kids to quit screwin' around 

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