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A - NFL all time leading scorer 
B - Section of the Oakland Raiders rowdiest fans 
C - Location of the Pro Football Hall of Fame 
D - Cleveland Brown Stadium section of crazy fans 
E - Denver Broncos HOF quarterback who won superbowls XXXII and XXXIII 
F - Home of the New England Patriots and their Gillette Stadium 
G- Current NFL commissioner as of 2006 
H - Referee number 85 and leader of the NFL Referees Association best known for his athletic appearance 
I - Franco Harris' game winning catch against the Raiders in the 72 play offs 
J - Dallas Cowboys contreversial owner who replaced Tom Landry in 89 
K - Buffalo Bills HOF quarterback who lost four consecutive Superbowls 
L - term for jumping into the stands at the Green Bay Packers stadium 
M - Tennessee Titan's game winning kick off return touchdown in the 2000 playoffs over the Buffalo Bills  
N - New York Jets HOF quarterback who guaranteed a victory in Super Bowl III against the Baltimore Colts 
O - Tennessee Titans former franchise nickname while in Houston  
P - Name for the Minnesota Vikings defensive line who appeared in four Super Bowls 
Q - Seattle Seahawks' stadium 
R - San Francisco 49ers all-time leader in TDs and arguably the best wide receiver of all time 
S - 85 Chicago Bears hip-hop song performed before Super Bowl XX 
T - Pittsburgh Steelers fans wave these rags in the air for their team 
U - 72 Miami Dolphin's are the only team in history to remain this the entire season 
V - Former Atlanta Falcons quarterback was rivived in Philadelphia after a dog fighting scandal 
W - Quarterback who went from stocking grocery store shelves to Super Bowl XXXIV MVP for the St. Louis Rams 
X - Nickname for former Kansas City Chiefs kick returner Dante Hall 
Y - HOF quarterback of the 50s and 60s for the San Francisco 49ers and New York Giants who is 16th all time for passing TDs 
Z - Quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks who also head coached two years for the Washington Redskins 

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