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Can you name the facts about the life of Tommy Favorite?

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What is Tommy's middle name?
Where did he attend grade school
Where does he attend high school?
What color is his hair?
What color are his eyes?
Tommy's Mom's name
Tommy's Dad's name
Tommy's little brother
Tommy's older brother
Tommy's sister
Tommy's dog
Tommy's fall sport
Tommy's winter sport
Tommy's spring sport
What position does he play in football?
What fictional character does Tommy try to be like
What color vest did Tommy wear to Prom?
Who did Tommy go to Prom with in 2012
How did he ask her to prom?
Who did he date in gradeschool
What is his birthday
Name one of his favorite TV shows
What is his favorite movie?
Name a musical artist he has seen perform live
Name one of his favorite books
What holiday figure does Tommy aspire to be?
What's wrong with his hair
What is his reaction when he does math incorrectly
What are his running shorts comparable to
How smart is he
what did he score on the SAT
What music video parody did he do?
What does Tommy do best?
What does Tommy do worst?
How is he with directions?
What was his most recent flight number as of July 2, 2012?
What is one of his nicknames?
Who hacked Tommy on Facebook?
What animal did Tommy resemble as a child?
Where on his face does he have wrinkles?
What card game did he invent?
What is the brightest color of pants that Tommy owns?
Where is the worst laceration he received from football?
What is his favorite theme park?
Which Disney princess is he most like?
What colors are in his favorite tie-dye shirt?
What's the name of his saxophone?
What type of dance is he the best at dancing?
What Disney song gets stuck in his head the easiest?
Who are his favorite people ever?

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