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QUIZ: Can you name the NFL Rushing Leaders (2013)

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1,607Philadelphia Eagles
1,339Chicago Bears
1,287Kansas City Chiefs
1,275Washington Redskins
1,266Minnesota Vikings
1,257Seattle Seahawks
1,255San Diego Chargers
1,178Green Bay Packers
1,128San Francisco 49ers
1,124Dallas Cowboys
1,077Tennessee Titans
1,038Denver Broncos
1,006Detroit Lions
973St Louis Rams
927Buffalo Bills
896Buffalo Bills
860Pittsburgh Steelers
843Carolina Panthers
833New York Jets
803Jacksonville Jaguars
773New England Patriots
772New England Patriots
771Houston Texans
756Cincinnati Bengals
733Oakland Raiders
709Miami Dolphins
697New York Jets
695Cincinnati Bengals
687Arizona Cardinals
660Baltimore Ravens
652Arizona Cardinals
650Detroit Lions
585Carolina Panthers
576Oakland Raiders
566Tampa Bay Buccaneers
563Indianapolis Colts
559Denver Broncos
549New Orleans Saints
543Atlanta Falcons
542Houston Texans
539Seattle Seahawks
537Indianapolis Colts
524San Francisco 49ers
493Green Bay Packers
492New York Giants
489Washington Redskins
456Tampa Bay Buccaneers
436Baltimore Ravens
431Kansas City Chiefs
429San Diego Chargers
406Miami Dolphins
386New Orleans Saints
379Oakland Raiders
377Cleveland Browns
377Indianapolis Colts
366New York Jets
361Carolina Panthers
358San Francisco 49ers
332Atlanta Falcons
314Philadelphia Eagles
306Philadelphia Eagles
295Tennessee Titans
295Tampa Bay Buccaneers
283Minnesota Vikings
274Washington Redskins
271New England Patriots
264Seattle Seahawks
261St Louis Rams
256Jacksonville Jaguars
247New York Giants
242Kansas City Chiefs
240Cleveland Browns
238New York Giants
238Miami Dolphins
225Tennessee Titans
224New Orleans Saints
221Philadelphia Eagles
220New Orleans Saints
218Oakland Raiders
218Denver Broncos
215St Louis Rams
208New England Patriots
197Chicago Bears
197Pittsburgh Steelers
186Indianapolis Colts
186Buffalo Bills
184Pittsburgh Steelers
183Cincinnati Bengals
183Houston Texans
182Tampa Bay Buccaneers
180Carolina Panthers
171Cleveland Browns
170Buffalo Bills/Indianapolis Colts
166Minnesota Vikings
164Dallas Cowboys
164Atlanta Falcons
158Minnesota Vikings
157San Diego Chargers
155Tennessee Titans
151Minnesota Vikings

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