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brand name a palindrome, benzodiazepine
avoid use with grapefruit juice, new FDA warning for rhabdomyolysis
SNRI approved for fibromyalgia
anticoagulant needing INR monitoring
SSRI supposedly most likely to cause QTc prolongation
beta-blocker with off-label use for anxiety
IV antibiotic with MRSA coverage, fast infusion can cause red-man syndrome
loop diuretic more bioavailable that furosemide
cough suppressant kids robotrip on, avoid with serotonergic agents
better keep this glaucoma drug in the fridge
only cephalosporin with MRSA coverage
antiplatelet used in conjunction with aspirin post-myocardial infarction
atypical antipsychotic requiring frequent monitoring for agranulocytosis
stereoisomer/enantiomer of omeprazole (Prilosec)
COX-2 inhibitor, avoid in heart disease
dosed as 0.4 mg, helps urination in BPH
last line medication for COPD & asthma, methylxanthine with numerous drug interactions
antiepileptic that may cause 'purple glove syndrome' and gingival hyperplasia

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