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Anxiety is associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disorders (T/F)
The locus ceruleus is a brain area involved in anxiety disorders. Which neurotransmitter is this area primary associated with?
Physical symptoms are incorporated into the DSM-5 criteria for Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) (T/F)
In addition to SSRIs, what class of medications is another first line recommendation for GAD?
In addition to escitalopram, what other SSRI is FDA approved for the treatment of GAD?
Venlafaxine is equally effective in GAD as escitalopram (T/F)
What GABA-enhancing class of medications is recommended only short-term for the treatment of severe/acute anxiety?
What 5HT-1A partial agonist carries a sole FDA indication for GAD?
What antihistamine may be used scheduled or PRN for anxiety?
What anti epileptic is considered an alternative for treatment resistant GAD?
Some atypical antipsychotics are FDA approved for the treatment of GAD (T/F)
Agoraphobia is required for DSM-5 diagnosis of Panic Disorder (T/F)
An individual may have panic attacks without being diagnosed with Panic Disorder (T/F)
Which SNRI is considered a first-line option for the treatment of Panic Disorder?
TCAs have similar efficacy to SSRIs for the treatment of Panic Disorder (T/F)
What is the most studied MAOI for the treatment of anxiety disorders as a whole?
The dose-response curve for SSRIs is similar to that of SSRIs in depression (T/F)
What antihypertensive agent may be used off-label for performance-based social anxiety?
What class of medications are recommended first-line for PTSD?
Which SSRIs are FDA approved for the treatment of PTSD?
Which symptom cluster of PTSD does venlafaxine not address?
What sedating antidepressant is considered an alternative agent for the mood and sleep symptoms of PTSD?
What antihypertensive is primary used for PTSD nightmares?
Are benzodiazepines recommended in the treatment of PTSD?
First-line recommendations for the treatment of OCD primarily modulate what neurotransmitter?
What SSRI carries the sole FDA indication for OCD?
Onset of efficacy for SSRIs in OCD is similar to that for SSRIs in depression (T/F)
Are SSRI doses in OCD typically higher, lower, or similar to those used in other psychiatric disorders?
Which TCA is considered a second line treatment option for OCD?
Is the risk of developing tolerance to BZDs higher with short or long acting agents?
SSRIs should be titrated more slowly in certain anxiety disorders versus depression (T/F)

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