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rise of Hinduism*
Second Boer War*
Italian invasion of Ethiopia
Seven Years War*
Black Death in Asia*
second Ottoman Siege of Vienna
Kingdom of Mali founded
Spanish American War
Bronze Age
French Revolution*
Columbus' expedition
Latin American wars of independence*
Battle of Sekigahara in Japan
unification of Egypt
Six Day War
British abolish slavery
de-Stalinization launched
Battle of Manzikert
Haitian Revolution
British defeat the Spanish Armada
Hitler becomes chancellor Germany
Second Sino-Japanese War*
Axial Age**
Russo-Japanese War*
first Palestinian Intifada
Indian Independence Struggle*
nationalization of Suez Canal
Korean War*
Napoleonic Wars*
Sepoy Mutiny
First Opium War*
Sakoku Edict begins Japanese isolationism
Japanese invasion of Manchuria
emancipation of serfs in Russia
reign of Justinian*
Ottoman Empire*
9/11 attacks on US
Mexican Revolution begins
Battle of Tours
founding of the Mughal Empire
Yom Kippur War
rise of feudalism in Japan**
Black Death arrives in Europe
Ottomans conquer Constantinople
World War I
Umayyad Caliphate*
first Ottoman Siege of Vienna
rise of Ottomans*
Meiji Restoration
American Revolutionary War*
Tang Dynasty
Tokugawa Shogunate*
Cuban Revolution
Year of Africa
Bandung conference
Nicholas II is tsar of Russia*
Rome legalizes Christianity
Pizarro conquers the Inca
Qin dynasty*
rise of Sumerians in southern Mesopotamia
Shang kingdom in China
the Enlightenment**
Emancipation Proclamation
Italian Renaissance*
rise of Indus River Valley
Martin Luther's 95 Theses
Commodore Perry goes to Japan from the US
start of transatlantic slave trade
Diaz rounds the Cape of Good Hope
Greek Golden Age**
end of apartheid in South Africa
abolition of slavery in Brazil
Communist Revolution in China
Gupta Dynasty*
unification of Italy
founding of Jamestown
reign of Louis XIV in France*
domestication of animals
end of Pax Romana
Cortez conquers the Aztecs
rise of the Aztec Empire (Tenochtitlan founded)
Monroe Doctrine
reign of Peter the Great in Russia*
Treaty of Versailles
Vasco da Gama reaches India
Norman conquest of England
founding of Indian National Congress
4th Crusade takes Constantinople
Congress of Vienna*
rise of Islam**
First Gulf War*
Treaty of Horowitz
Scientific Revolution*
India and Pakistan gain independence
Communist Manifesto published
founding of Roman Republic
Charlemagne crowned Holy Roman Emperor
World War II*
founding of Manila
Roman capital moves to Constantinople
beginning of Kievan Rus
British East India Co. takes over India
Mansa Musa's pilgrimage
birth of Israel
Heian period in Japan**
Marco Polo's travels*
30 Years War*
spread of Buddhism in China*
Rwandan Genocide
Russian Revolution
Adam Smith writes The Wealth of Nations
Pearl Harbor and entry of US into WWII
Yuan Dynasty*
first slaves brought to the Americas
beginnings of trans-Saharan trade routes**
UN created
spread of Christianity
beginnings of agriculture*
Mauryan dynasty*
reign of Genghis Khan*
fall of the Berlin Wall
Han dynasty*
Dutch Boers colonize South Africa
English Bill of Rights
fall of Soviet Union
beginning of Industrial Revolution
Ming Dynasty*
Golden Age of Athens*
Chinese Cultural Revolution
unification of Germany
Tanzimat reforms in Ottoman Empire*
creation of European Economic Community
Battle of Lepanto
Judaism begins with Abraham
Abbasid Caliphate*
rise of Roman Empire
Zhou Dynasty*
Qing dynasty*
start of Ibn Battuta's travels
Cuban Missile Crisis
British Raj in India*
Great Schism
Cold War*
first all-race elections in South Africa
Zheng He voyages*
fall of Western Roman Empire
lifetime of Alexander the Great*
Chinese Revolution (not Communist Revolution)
reign of Ivan the Terrible in Russia*
Tiananmen Square Massacre
Berlin Conference divides Africa*
Vietnamese defeat French at Dien Bien Phu
first Christian Crusade
Iranian Revolution
Song Dynasty*
start of the Great Depression

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