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Full house triviawhos the girls uncle?Extra Info
The girls uncle?
What is Dannys middle name?
Where do they live?
What does DJ stand for ?
What is their phone number?
how many episodes total are there?
What is their dogs name?his moms name was minnie
Who calls Danny 'T-bag'?
How did Michelle lose her memory?
Joey played who on a kids show?
Jesse married?
Full house triviawhos the girls uncle?Extra Info
Their two kids are?named after their professors and grandfather
who plays stephanie?
Who plays DJ?
Who plays Danny?he wasn't the original choosen dad
What street do they live on?their exact address does not actually exsist
How did Danny's wife, Pam die?
What song does Jesse sing to Becky at their wedding?a beach boys song remade
Dj dated who for many years?
How many total seasons are there?
When did full house stop?

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