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No. hours average working week
No. in ITGWU end of 1911
Larkin Tour of Britain known as
Irish Worker circulation
System of withholding pay (abolished 1908)
TUC createdYear
No. dockers unionised by Larkin in 1907
Lockout and strike cost to employers
Dublin Tramway profits fall Sept-Oct
Dublin population 1900
Fraction of Dublin United Tramways Co. striking
Belfast population increase 1850-1907
No. locked out by Jacob'sMostly women
Dublin mortality rate /1000 190515.6 in London
'The Hare' docks in Dublindd/mm/yyyy
Newspaper set up May 1911Mouthpiece of ITGWU
NUDL began recruiting in IrelandMonth + Year
No. taken back by Jacob's after strikeWages reduced by up to 4 sh/week
Larkin tour begandd/mm/yyyy
Proposed no further help to ITGWU
No. British National Union of Railwaymen branches calling for secondary strikeBy 10th Nov 1913
Proposed motion condemning Larkin's actionsFirst + Surname; 6 voted against
Died in 1913 baton charge2 men, surnames
Name one manufacturer in Dublin
Scab accidentally shoots vice-chair of Port and Docks Boarddd/mm/yyyy
1911 Union established by Connolly
NUDL founded in GlasgowYear
1911 Dublin Employers' Fed founded byFirst + Surnames
Employers produce response to Askwith Commissiondd/mm/yyyy
Police officer refused to transport blackleg handsSparked 300 RIC officers refusing
Proposed ultimatum amendment
Living wage/week 1907
Archbishop of Dublin 1913First + Surname, critical of Save the Kiddies
Askwith Commission opensdd/mm/yyyy
Infant Mortality /1000 births 1900
No. families lived in 1 roomin Dublin
1908-9 % unemployment
£ aid in Dec 1913
Ireland establishes own TUCYear
Fraction Dublin lived in poverty
25,822 families lived in ?? tenements in Dublin
Irish Labour Party founders3 men; surnames
Ultimatum amendment voted downfor-against
Lockout beginsdd/mm/yyyy
Carters' StrikeMonth + Year
ITGWU foundedMonth + Year
50 'scabs' arrive from Manchesterdd/mm/yyyy
No. sacked from Irish Independent for being ITGWU membersmen + boys
1900-2 male life expectancy
Official call to return to workdd/mm/yyyy
Dublin newsagent, refused to stop handling 'Irish Ind'Dun Laoghaire docks refused to handle their goods in turn
No on strike in Carters' Strike
Major 1907 clash with policedd/mm/yyyy
Larkin arrested for seditious libel, conspiracy and assemblydd/mm/yyyy
Priest v. critical of strikersTitle + First + Surname
Dublin Correspondent of 'Daily Herald'First + Surnames
Larkin tour beganHall + city
No. went on unooficial strike in support of James + Reynolds
Dublin population 1800
General Strike beginsdd/mm/yyyy
Average wage/week 1907
British socialist proposed 'Save the Kiddies'First + Surname
Save the Kiddies scheme startedMonth + Year
Trades Union Congress Special Conferencedd/mm/yyyy
No. boxes food on 'The Hare'
Belfast Steamship strike wage demands for 60hrs/week
Strike against Belfast Steamship Co.Month + Year
300-strong force formed by Connolly
No. locked out by October 1913By 400 firms
NUDL conservative leader
Larkin found guilty of fraudMonth + Year
Form of socialism Larking believed in
Legal working age raised to 12Year
18th December girl shot by scab16 years old, died Jan 1914

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