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Forced Order
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IV parade in full militia uniformdd/mm/yyyy
Legislative rights postponed again in parl.for-against
Cath Assn. re-establishedYear
Fraction Irish textiles exports to Britain
O'Connell re-elected in Claredd/mm/yyyy
County Clare existing candidate 1828Surname
Embargoes on Irish goodsYear
Law: Catholics couldn't buy land or rent for 31+ yearsYear
May 1808 bill rejected in commonsagainst-for
MP proposing 2 bills for emancipationPassed in Commons, rejected by Lords
First Relief ActMonth + Year, proposed by Gardiner
Cath Assn. pence/month
40 shillings freehold increased to ?? in 1829Worth of household
Penal Laws introducedYear
Ireland permitted to trade within empire Month + Year
1761/1773 attempts to allow longer rents (defeated)Surname of leaders
Second Relief Act Introduceddd/mm/yyy
New 'Constitution'Month + Year
Grattan's 1780 motion adjournedfor-against
Dec 1792 Dublin meeting
No. Irish could vote before/after 1829 billbefore-after (fell)
1778 amount borrowed from La ToucheBy Irish gov.
Cath. Assn. wanted to put forwards ?? as County Clare candidateFirst + Surname
O'Connell won Clare seatfor-against
% landholdings Protestant
Roman Catholic Relief ActMonth + Year
O'Connell announced Clare candidacydd/mm/yyyy
MP group demanding greater legislative controlGrattan, Burgh, Flood
1772-80 % decline in beef trade
1699 ActLimited amount of wool Ireland could produce
Navigation Act YearForbade colonies to use foreign ships to trade
Catholic vote grantedYear
Issue of Catholicism act passed on reconsiderationMonth + Year (passed 225-106)
Right to practise law for CatholicsYear
May 1808 bill rejected by Catholic BishopsMonth + Year
Henry Grattan MP for
IV Dungannon meetingdd/mm/yyyy
1823 Cath Assn. able to invest
No. killed in Gordon Riots
1779 Bill considered to be passedFunds for 6 months not annually
Catholic Association penny/month nameCollected at Mass
Dangannon no. of delegatesRepresenting 25,000 men
Repeal of Trade Restrictions- proposal introducedMonth + Year
Cath. Ass banned by gov.Month + Year
No. IV men May 1782
1764 fraction of Irish beef to France
Catholic Committee formedYear
Oath of AllegianceYear
Date not able to pay Irish regiments abroadMonth Year
System of inheritance forced on Catholics
1778 bill (999 year rents) proposed byFirst + Surname
Catholic Board led byFirst + Surname
Catholic Board dissolvedMonth + Year
£ of £4mill economy withdrawn by absentee landlords
Change in borrowing rate 1780%-%
Resolution passed to demand free tradeMonth + Year
Formal declaration of independence of Irish Commonsdd/mm/yyyy
Restoration DeclarationGreater religious tolerance

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