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Forced Order
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Waterford soup kitchen cost/weekpaid by Quakers
Clause: those with more than 1/4 acre could not receive relief
Name of Canadian quarantine island
Head of Peel's scientific commissionTitle + First + Surname
1840s no. cottiers
1847 £ on spent on relief
1849 no. in workhouseNearly 2x also on outdoor relief
Subsistence farmers 1-3 acres class
'Famine Fever'
Relief Commission/public works set upMonth + Year
1847 potato acreage
£ spent total on tackling emergency
1847 nickname
£ Indian corn and meal bought in
Waterford soup kitchen opensdd/mm/yyyy
1845 no. Gaelic speakers
Scientific name for blight (Sept 1845)
Fraction Irish dependent on agriculture 1841
% decrease in landholdings under 1 acre1845-51
Lumper potatoes produced ?? per acre
1846-50 no. livestock transported from Ireland
80 mill. claim Irish heritage called
Cavan county mortality rate
Encumbered Estates ActYear; legitimised evictions
Fraction of agricultural output potatoes
First landlord to assist tenant emigrationTitle + Surname
Rise in farmer's income after faminefraction
No. bought acreage under EEAMostly established landowners
Jan 1847 ActGov-sponsored soup kitchens
Corn Laws RepealedYear
Relief Fund set upMonth + Year
Chef designed 'famine soup'First + Surname
Lord John Russell's Secretary to the TreasuryFirst + Middle + Surname
'Syria' no. ill with fever on voyage
Irish Poor Law Extension ActYear
Lack of vitamins disease
Aug 1853 ?? in Galway evicted 42 familiesFirst + Surname; under EEA
Landlords that live in Britain
No. emigrated in 1846
Name for cheapest ships
John Mitchel 1860 book
1851 no. cottiers
1845 fraction harvest destroyed
No. emigrated per year 1830s
March 1846 no. tenants evicted in Ballinlass
Indian corn nicknamedCaused diarrhoea
£ shortfall in potatoes
John Mitchel influenced by the letters ofFirst + Surnames
1845 potato acreage
1847 no. vessels with food left Ireland
No. used Waterford soup kitchen in 2 weeks
Cardinal attempting to formalise Irish Catholicism
No. employed in public works programmeAt any one time
1851 no. Gaelic speakers
1845 no. cottiers
% increase in landholdings over 30 acres1845-51
1841 % landholdings more than 30 acres
No. died in first few months of 1847
First county blight found inSept 1845
John Russell's economic beliefs
Under EEA, no acres sold by 1859Worth £21 million
No. plots claimed in late 1840s
Average cost of passage to N. America
Scientific Commission suggested treating seed potatoes with
1846 fraction of harvest destroyed
£ on public works programme spent per day
Fraction died on passage to America
Previous nickname for IrelandDue to exports of food
1841 % landholdings under 5 acres

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