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Yeltsin's faction called
Legal alcohol age raised to
State Emergency Committee inc. Surname (vice-president)
Hungary's hardline leaderDismissed 88
1986-7 increase in food production growth rate%s
March 1988 letter by ?? publishedFirst + Surname, an unknown communist
Perestroika launchedMonth + Year
1986 deficit% of GDP
1983 ReportKnown as 'For internal use only'
New elected body called
Glasnost meaning
Baltic Republic namesAlphabetically
TV Station in Vilnius stormed - deaths
Berlin Wall fallsdd/mm/yyyy
Spring 1991 ?? agreement formed
Ukrainian nationalist movementLittle support
Romanov dismissedMonth + Year
1985 deficit% of GDP
TV Station in Vilnius stormedMonth + Year
April-Oct 1988 Organisations in Baltics
State Emergency Committee formedMonth + Year
Chernenko's funeralMonth + Year
Nagorno-Karabakh populated by mainlyRace
Romanian dictatorSurname, 1989
1991 Treaty
G + Y public argumentMonth + Year
Fraction of food still imported 1987
Chernobyl dateMonth + Year
March 91 ?? gather in support of YeltsinNo.
12th FYP set upCentralised planning
Poland nationalist movement1989
1984 % of Soviet exports that were oil/gas
% household spending on alcohol
Multiple candidates in local electionsMonth + Year
Soviet deputies elected for ?? yearsPreviously 2
Vodka ?? in cost
Multiple candidates nationallyYear or Party Congress
Article 6 abolishedMonth + Year
June 1987 Law
% wages rise in 89
State Commission on Economic ReformMonth + Year
Czechoslovakia's new presidentDec 1989
1989 elections % to Yeltsin
Amount spent on propping up satellite statesBillion dollars
No. Russians by 1985Within the USSR
% wages rise in 88
Y resigns from Communist PartyMonth + Year
1988 ?? legalisedSmall scale private enterprises
Encouragement of Joint Ventures passedMonth + Year
No. new commissions created
No. regions with meat rationing 1988
No. foreign firms in USSR in 1990
Y calls for ?? instead of Union Treaty
500 Days Programme designed bySurname
No. non-Russians by 1985Within the USSR
Conservative faction called
Sajudis meaning
Leningrad % of seats secured by oppostion
Yeltsin becomes chair of Russian Supreme SovietMonth + Year
Czechoslovakia's nationalist movement
'Perestroika' meaning
G becomes head of party + stateMonth + Year
East Germany's leaderFirst + Surname
Referendum indicates popular support for USSRMonth + Year
Politician G brought inSurname
Discussion of secret ballotsYear
No. ethnic Russians living in other republics
No informal political groupsDuring glasnost
G replaced ?? with PugoSurname
Brezhnev Doctrine formulatedIntervention in Czechoslovakia, Year
'Holding hands for peace'Month + Year
Yeltsin's political movement
Armenia announces NK is under its controlMonth + Year
1990-1 Soviet output declined byFraction
Depts. of CC reduced from ?? to ??

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