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Forced Order
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All revolutionary committees in place byMonth + Year
Anti-Confucius campaignYear
1970 campaignHalted 1971
Lin Biao's deathYear
1966 fraction of Central Committee purged
Deng re-purged (due to Tienanmen incident)Month + Year
No. mass rallies
No. Red Guards at 1st mass rally
No. Beijing homes broken intoDuring Red Guards
Name one ideologue
No. deaths in 'cleansing of class ranks' campaign
1969 fraction politburo PLA members
Cultural Revolution declared overMonth + Year
Mao's successorFirst name + Surname
1966 no. First Regional Secretaries purged
Red Guard violence subsidesMonth + Year
Gang of four membersJ, Z, Y, W (First + Surnames)
Mao's deathMonth + Year
1967-77 no. deaths in Guangxi
Peng Zhen removedYear
Socialist Education MovementYear
Ministry of Public Security hands names of 'bad classes' to RGsMonth + Year
1966 Mao's swim in YangtzeWhere
February CrackdownMonth + Year
1966 Babushan crematorium disposes of ?? bodiesIn two weeks
New governing body in Shanghai
Rustication Programme- no. young people
Liu and Deng criticisedMonth + Year
No. copies of the Little Red Book sold
Name one pragmatist
1963 publication about a lorry driver
1973 Deng brought back to train ??Mao's new successor (First name + Surname)
Politburo circular against revisionistsMonth + Year
First mass rallydd/mm/yyyy
No. RGs died at Qinghua University
1969 % Central Committee PLA members
Rustication ProgrammeName
Name of travelling to rallies
Campaign against Wu HanYear
Rustication ProgrammeYears
Fears of Lin Biao becoming a...
January StormMonth + Year
Schools for dismissed officials
Central Cultural Revolution GroupMonth + Year
Liu and Deng dismissedMonth + Year
1966 % regional officers purged
% production fall in 1968
August 1966 Peoples Daily message
7000 cadre conferenceMonth + Year
1966 No. politburo members retained posts

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