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Forced Order
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% state housing with more than one room
No. marriages ended in divorceProportion
No. female workers 1940
No. female workers 1922
No. women in Red Army (Civil War)
Work groups called
Award for mothers with 10+ children
Equal pay lawsMonth + Year
No. deaths from lice-spread typhus
Food prices riots 1962 no. killed
1917 Education Reforms bySurname
1978 no. sanatoria
No. Komosol members 1940
1917 Commissar for Public WelfareFirst and surname
Moscow population 1929
Name of adult education
1988 female member of politburoFirst and surname
1931 no. in school
1957 female member of presidiumFirst and surname
Tax on single peopleYear
1934 rural literacy rate
Campaign against veils (Islamic areas)Year
% state housing dormitories
% state housing a kitchen/corridor
% HE places reserved for women
Population growth rate 1982%
No. doctors 1928
1st woman in spaceFirst and surname
1929 no. in school
1950-80 state spending on welfare increased by
New Family CodeYear
No. sq metres state housing 1951
1967-77 % wage rise
1959 urban literacy rate
'The Great Retreat'Year
1964 no. part-time HE students
Nickname for K's social housing
Litres alcohol/adult/year in 1982
Great Retreat educational reforms based on
Failed assassination attempt on BrezhnevYear
No. sq metres state housing 1961
% workers changing job every 1/4 year
1959 rural literacy rate
1926 no. years average education
% illiterate under Tsar
Full employment 'achieved'Year
Women in rural areas allowed internal passportsYear
No. Komosol members 1929
Unemployment benefit cancelledMonth + Year
No. doctors 1940
Gov. dept. for gender equality
No. women received 'Hero of the Soviet Union'
Termitau RisingYear
Commissariat of Education name
1940-80 % alcohol consumption growth
Minimum wage introducedYear
1959 History Textbook
1932 % of Party members that were women
No. USSR alcoholics 1987
Uzbek Republic % FE students girls
No. schools destroyed WWII
Abortion re-legalisedYear
Moscow population 1936
No. Komosol members 1983
1937 no. workers
1934 urban literacy rate
1977 Klebanov sets up...
No. USSR women in WWII
% state housing only part of a room
1929 % quota for working class HE
1938 History Textbook
Cholera Vaccinations compulsoryYear

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