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Forced Order
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Mao thought birth rate should be limited to ??%In 1971
June 1966 People's Daily message
Churches allowed to functionName
1976 literacy rate
% rise in Gansu divorce rate in famine
1950 Reform Act on
1950 life expectancy
1952 % budget on culture and education
Form of Buddhism banned from public practise
Fewer than 1/2 children in full-time educationYear
Disease barefoot doctors trained to prevent
1974: Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy shownNo. times
Pinyin invented byFirst Name + Surname
No. Red Guards uprooted 68-72
Name of elite schools
Foot binding outlawedYear
Central Committee evaluate MaoYear
Name of human waste as manure
No. novels published under Jiang Qing
Pinyin inventedYear
Tienanmen Sq. accommodated up to
No. opera ballets commissioned by Jiang
Catholics under 3 Self Patriotic Movement
No. barefoot doctors
Population of Tibet died in famineFraction
Barefoot doctors endorsed byInternational body
Model female worker usedFirst Name + Surname
Confucianism under attack sinceYear
Deng crushes pro-democracy movementYear
Women trained in Proletarian art from
Main Buddhist province
Population 1976
China joins UN security councilYear
Second gender equality propaganda driveYear
% workforce women 1949
Clause that promised equality in Common Programme
1964 literacy rate
Reduced death rates from
Contraceptives more widely availableYear
Communist Common ProgrammeYear
Name of Tienanmen Sq. building
No. used divorce laws in 1st year
Muslim organisation
1949 literacy rate
% villages involved in barefoot doctors 1976
Ethnic group settled in Xianjing after Reunification Campaign
Population 1949
Tibet reunification campaignYear
Four pestsAlphabetical
Marriage Law passedYear
No. young people affected by collapse of education
Confucius' hometown
Neglecting dead could causeIn ancestor worship
Red Guards calledDue to having to move
No. monastries destroyed in the Cultural Revolution
1970 life expectancy
Outlawed in Marriage Law
Described as a contemporary ConfuciusFirst name + Surname
Intolerance towards leave for...For women
Mass Uprising in TibetYear
Four oldsAlphabetical
% workforce women 1976
Xianjing Reunification campaignYear
Protestants under 3 Self Patriotic MovementYear

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