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Forced Order
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Commission to investigate reforms under Forster
April 1880 no Irish seats to HRL
1870 % leases less than 12 months
% Connacht rented smallholdings worth more than £100
1880 no. evictions
Compensation for Disturbance BillMonth + Year
The Kilmainham TreatyMonth + Year
Parnell imprisoned in Kilmainham PrisonMonth + Year
April 1880 no Irish seats to Liberals
7 offered abatements in County KerryMonth + Year
Irish Tenant League foundedEnded 1859
Dublin Land Conference keynote speakerTitle + First + Surname
% Connacht rented smallholdings worth less than £15
Land Act written and supported by3 men, First + Surnames
Parnell tour in USA £ for League
Name of custom that gave greater security to tenant farmers
1870 unemployment rate
Eviction rate per 1000 1854-80
Meeting at Westport, Parnell addresses crowdMonth + Year
March 1881 Coercion Act
Dublin Land Conference startdd/mm/yyyy
No. MPs at Land Conference
1870 no. tenant famers
1881 no. members of Land League
Clause allowing tenants to buy land
Presiding over Land ConferenceTitle + Surname
Fraction farmers content with 1st Act
No. agrarian outrages after No Rent Manifesto
1871-4 agricultural output
Final Bill presented (1st Land Act)dd/mm/yyyy
Tenant League formed byStrong following by 1870
1st Land Act passed in Commonsfor-against
No. affected by rent arrears 1880
Parnell tour in USA £ for famine relief
Compensation for Disturbance bill defeated in Lordsagainst-for
Forster resignsYear
Irish Land League formedMonth + Year
1st Land Act passed into lawdd/mm/yyyy
Michael Davitt arresteddd/mm/yyy
The Three 'F's
Lord Mountmorres shotdd/mm/yyyy
1880 unemployment rate
Price of butter % drop in long depression
Long depression fall in Irish tillage value60% due to potato crop failure
No. took advantage of Bright Clause
No Rent Manifesto published in 'United Ireland'dd/mm/yyyy
Irish farming systemSmall plots for one crop, short tenure
Main target Michael Davitt in IrishtownTitle + First + Surname
Michael Davitt Irishtown meetingMonth + Year
August 1881 new land billWould set up Irish Land Commission
1880 example of ostracised figureLed by Father O'Malley
1851-4 agricultural output
No. arrested under Irish Coercion Act
League suppressedMonth + Year

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