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Can you name the Irish Agitation before 1870 Part 2 A Level History?

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Forced Order
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3rd Home Rule Bill passedMonth + Year
Isaac Butt deathYear
UUP leader from 1910
No. rifles in Larne gun-running incident
In Favour/Opposed to 1st Home Rule Billfavour/opposed numbers
1st Home Rule Bill blockedMonth + Year
Passed 23rd Dec 1920
Civil War ceasefire called byLiam Lynch's successor
War of Independence TruceMonth + Year
1918 General Election no. Sinn Fein seats
Easter Rising no. Irish Citizen Army
Easter Rising no. British killed
Easter Rising no. executed90 condemned originally
Easter Rising no. rebels killed
Easter Rising no. armed Volunteers
The Ulster Covenantdd/mm/yyyy
Filled for divorce citing ParnellAccused Parnell of adultery
Parnell deathdd/mm/yyyy
British Forces during War of Ind.
1884 association formed
Bloody Sunday21/11/1920, 14 civilian deaths
No. signed Ulster Covenant
1885 election resultsNumber of seats to IPP
In charge of implementing Home Ruleex-Unionist MP
Sinn Fein meaningGaelic phrase
Home Rule League leaderProtestant Barrister
Incident after 3rd Home Rule BillIn County Kildare
3rd Home Rule Bill proposedMonth + Year
Home Rule League won ??? seats in 1874
Parnell accused of murdering
Orange Order originally formed in memory of
UVF tied toPolitical Party
Gaelic taught in ?? schools by 1903Number
IRB military leader special squadTargetted police officers
Forces under Liam Lynch calledIn Civil War
1st Home Rule Bill IntroducedMonth + Year
HRL renamed IPPYear
Sinn Fein organised byJournalist
No. rounds ammunition in Larne gun-running incident
Home Rule League membersWho favoured obstructivism
Home Rule League established asin 1870
Easter Risingdd/mm/yyyy
New Irish Parliament
No. in UVF
Parnell elected leader of Home Rule Confederation of GBYear
Anglo-Irish Treatydd/mm/yyyy
War of Independence officially begandd/mm/yyyy (9 IRA kill 2 police)

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