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Forced Order
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State Capitalism datesMonth + Year- Month + Year
Land Decree passedMonth + Year
Decree on Workers' Control passedMonth + Year
Vesenkha set upMonth + Year
War Communism datesMonth + Year - Month + Year
No. of Bolshevik volunteers forcible requisitioning food
NEP datesMonth + Year - Year
1921 Heavy industry at ??% of 1913 level
1921 Agriculture at ??% of 1913 level
No. deaths from famine in 20s
Scissors Crisis datesYear-Year
Trotsky called for a...
NEP abandonedPC + Year
1st FYP datesYear - Year
2nd FYP datesYear - Year
3rd FYP datesYear - Year
Self Sufficiency name
1st FYP focus
Name of town that grew to city
1928 % of Moscow workers skilled
White Sea Canal employed
1931-32 winter- how many died on a project?
2nd FYP focus
2nd FYP paid some attention to
3rd FYP focus
1928-41 % growth rate
Voluntary CollectivisationPC + Year
People used to 'persuade' peasants to form collectives
Class Stalin wanted to 'liquidate'
% households collected by 1937
1928-33 what happened to cattle numbers?
Grain production 1928Million Tonnes
Grain production 1934Million Tonnes
Genocide by famine in Ukraine
No. deaths due to famine 1932-3
Steel production 1940Million Tonnes
Steel production 1945Million Tonnes
Grain output 1940Million Tonnes
Grain output 1945Million Tonnes
No. homeless after war
No. towns 'destroyed'
4th FYP datesYear - Year
5th FYP datesYear - Year
Canal built as part of 5th FYP
1957 105 regional councils set up, called...
K. described Moscow factory leaders as
Liberman PlanYear
7 Year Plan datesYear- Year
Minerals discovered in
USSR % growth 1950s
US % growth 1950s
Sputnik launchedYear
Virgin Lands SchemeYear
Incomes of farmers... 1952-8
Agro-industrial villages called
1953-8 food production increased by ??%
Kosygin ReformsYear
9th FYP datesYear - Year
Private plots covered ??% of cultivated land
but produced ??% of food
??% of investment in agriculture by 1976
Economic decline in which decade?
Growth rate in this decade %
??% of workforce in agriculture
Fraction of US agricultural output

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