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Forced Order
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Agrarian Reform LawsYear
Meetings used to denounce called
By 1951 ?? landlords lost land
By 1951 ??% land changed hands
By 1951, ?? deadUpper and lower estimates
Collectivisation: 195110 families
Collectivisation: 195240-50 families
Poor harvest in Year
1955- Mao's slogan for slowing down
Collectivisation: July 1955200-300 households
No. APCs by Jan 1956
% farming as individuals by 1956
GLF launchedPC + Year
1st Commune launched, nameMonth + Year
No. collectives merged
Over 2 years ??? collectives merged
...into ??? communes
...including ??? households
Amount of sleep per 2 days
Mao's agricultural theory of choice
Lushan ConferenceMonth+ Year
Mao claimed ??? tonnes grain produced
Revised down to ??? tonnes by party
Actual figure closer to ??? tonnes
Stood up to Mao at Lushan
Replaced Mao as Chairman of PRC
% grain requisitioned in 1959
No. deaths in Great Famine
Private Farming Restored under
No. forced to move to countryside
1st FYP dates
Sino-Soviet Treaty signedYear
No. civilian technicians sent from Russia
Size of loan
Style of architechture brought in
How many under 16s in education?Fraction
Annual Growth rate under 1st FYP
2nd FYP dates
Highest 1958 steel target
Sept 1958 % of steel from backyard furnaces
Oct 1958 % of steel from backyard furnaces
Fraction of population worked solely on this
1960- Public Works example
By 1962 heavy industry fraction of 1958 figure
By 1962 light industry fraction of 1958 figure
Atom bomb developed in ChinaYear
Liu suggested Mao share blame for famineMonth + year
No. of cadres present
Korean War Dates
No. deaths in Korean WarEstimate
Forced donations of up to ???
Germ warfare scare inMonth + Year
Leader of Korea

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