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Additional flax mills by 1834
1826 first steamship in Ulster nameRitchie and Maclaine
Flax dust name
No. acres dredged up from first QI cut17 dedicated to a park
Royal Commission publishes reports on railwaysYYYY-Y
Belfast mortality rate in cholera epidemic
Walker and Burgess suggested dredging to ?? ftRiver Lagan
1811 no. engaged in cotton manufactureIn Ulster
Leader of Board of GuardiansTitle + First+ Surname
1851 Belfast population
1824 raw cost of flax per lb
Fraction of Irish linen exports to Britain
Canal System in Ulster startedYear
1st wet spinning mill opened by ?? in AnnsboroughSurname
1832 outbreak no. deathsin Ireland
No ships C and son produced by 1842
No. new linen mills built 1805-9
1835 skilled cotton worker wage/week
1900 no. in Mulholland's employment
Ratio of Belfast capital in Protestant hands
1851 Hickson introduces apprentice schemeTrained well-to-do boys over 16 for management
Queen's Island first used for shipbuildingYear
Theory of cholera spread
Name of Queen's Island engineerSurname
Riots break out at Catholic Repeal meetingMonth + Year
1824 selling cost of linen per lb
1893 no. in Belfast Chamber of Commerce Catholics
Style of cheap housing
Amount Belfast Harbour Commission applies for from Board of Public Works
Factory ActYear
1861 % Ulster was Catholic
Robert Hickson 1854 yard managerWent into partnership with Spence
Gregg forms Belfast Protestant Operative Assn.Year
1826 new ships introduced
1834 no. flax spinning mills in Ulster
1824 raw cost of cotton per lb
1848 cholera outbreak no. deathsin Ireland
No. yards linen produced in Ireland by 1820s
'James Duncan' ship reached Italy in ?? daysin 1842
1970 yards of linen produced
1824 selling cost of cotton per lb
Old name for tuberculosis
1828 body that focuses on Ulster transport
1821-31 % increase living in towns
1839 % exports to USADeclined after depression in USA
Protestants were often skilled workers, formed a ??
Average working life
1820 no. employed in linen mills in UlsterIn 15 mills
Protectionist tariffs on cotton removedYear
No. miles of railway in Ireland by 1900
Countess of Caledon builtYear; first iron-built ship
1841 no. beds in workhouse for cholera patientslater expanded to 100
% tariff on imported cotton
1821-41 Ulster population rise%
Hickson first orderSurname, completed 1854
1851 worth of exports leaving Belfast
Belfast referred to as ?? due to linen production
Name a Charles Connell and Son ship
1835 ship tonnage in Belfast
1850 fraction of cotton mills remained in operation
Mulholland flax company name
More efficient type of spinning for linenInvolved soaking flax
1840 no. flax spinning mills in Ulster
Belfast formally becomes a cityYear
1820 price of linen per lb
1785 group set up for Belfast ports
1715 yards of linen produced
1820s skilled cotton worker wage/week
Hickson confirms 21 year lease on QI (£50/year)dd/mm/yyyy
River in Belfast
1821 Belfast population
Feb 1832 first cholera patientFirst + Surname
Towns in the 'linen triangle'
Victoria Channel completedMonth + Year
Belfast Harbour ActYear
1820-50 no. ships built in Ulster
1820 price of cotton per lb
No. starving cotton weavers in BelfastWith 3000 dependents
1815 ship tonnage in Belfast
Cost of 1839 railway
First railway line in Ulster 1839Place-Place

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