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Forced Order
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What were the 3 antis?
No. in Women's Federation (1953)
No. in PLA (1957)
Up to ?? died 1949-76
Famine in Henan caused ?? deaths
No. of 'black' categories
No. of bureaucrats 1959
Constitution FinalisedYear
First communist city
No. in PLA (1950)
Agency controlling the press
Good categoriesColour
China's production at ??% of pre-war level
Tao Zhu killed ?? bandits in 12 monthsIn Guangxi
How many gang members/triads arrested?Half executed
Inflation rate in 1949
Qing Dynasty OverthrownYear
Mao became head of stateMonth + Year
Contributed ?? yuan in industrial products
Mao became party leaderYear
Public supervision called
Which magazine gave coverage?
CPPCC set upMonth + Year
No of leading posts in bureaux
What were the 5 antis?
2 types of people accused calledTypes of animal
Party estimates of how many killed
Bad categoriesColour
Name of work units
6 regions calledGeneral term
No. set out on Long March
How many died 1950-1 from terror?
Japan's policy when retreating
% state budget on PLA (1950)
Top level also purged including
Name of labour camps
When were the 5 antis launched?Month + Year
Total population by 1953
How many political prisoners?Proportion
1927-37 called
3rd Reunification CampaignDestroying national identity
Chiang flees to TaiwanMonth + Year
No. on Politburo
2nd Reunification CampaignWesternmost province
% of China's land cultivated
Who pressured leaders to step up terror?
In NE Manchuria who held all of these?
Republic officially declaredMonth + Year
% of industry state owned by 1945
1st Reunification CampaignGMD Heartland
When was the Great Terror?
Labour Camps: no prisoners by 1953
Contributed ?? tonnes grain
No. of experts in NRC
Mao's target for no. to be killed
No. of bureaucrats 1949
No. arrived in Yanan
No. of delegates at CPPCC
How many new prisoners?
Long March DateYear
No. in Youth League (1953)
Food production at ??% of pre-war level
100 Flowers First LaunchedMonth + Year
No. party members by 1950

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