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Forced Order
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Cheka Dates
Cheka Leader
GPU dates
OGPU dates
NKVD dates
NKVD merged with...
Assassination attempt on Lenin...When?
Assassination attempt on Lenin...Who?
Wrote book on how to interrogateHead of OGPU in Siberia
SP based hereBuilding in Moscow
No. shot in Red Terror
Yagoda datesAs NKVD head
Yagoda shotYear
White Sea Canal no. usedSlave labourers
White Sea Canal no. died
Length of White Sea CanalIn miles
Depth of White Sea CanalIn feet
Yezhov datesAs NKVD head
Yezhov nickname
3 man courts called
Karelin Court processed ?? a dayNo. of prisoners (Sept 1937)
Introduction of execution quotasYear
Beria datesAs NKVD head
Murder of TrotskyYear
Better gulag rations introducedYear
No. scientist used in gulag
Gulag worth in 1937Billion roubles
Gulag worth in 1940Billion roubles
Organisation dealt with spies in WWII
No. Polish Officers killed at Katyn
Order no. about traitors
1949 no purged from Leningrad party branch
Mingrelian AffairYear
Doctors' PlotYear
Andropov becomes head of KGBYear
Nuclear ScientistSurname
Helsinki AccordsYear
Ukrainian national poetSurname
Lithuanian Dissident organisation
Jews denied emigration rightsName
Illegal publicationse.g. the Chronicle of Current Events
Sakharov exiled to...
Mid 70s no. of Political Prisoners
Article banning 'anti-Soviet propaganda and agitation'
Psychiatric Hospitals usede.g Bukovsky
Poland uprising dates
Andropov visits Moscow factoryMonth and Year
No. at 1968 rally in Red Square
Name of ministry of culture
Group of artists sympathetic to SovietsCalled this by Trotsky
Prolekult: name one person in charge
New Socialist culture
Arts magazine about machines
1920 October re-enactment includedno of people
Avant Garde poster artPerson
Soviet Directore.g. Strike (1924), October (1927)
Writers' group called
Cult of the...
Writers' group replaced by Union of Soviet WritersYear
Socialist Realism: the genre of silence exampleSurname
Conformed to rules exampleSurname
Shostakovich opera Stalin walked out of
Architecture Style
Western culture condemned in...
e.g. of writers republished during de-StalinisationFirst + Surname
Solzhenitsyn novel re-allowed
Youth influenced by West called
Russian Nationalists called
Name of group of peasant writers
Tape recorder self-publishing
1964 TrialSurname
...Led to ??? years sentenceLet out after 2 years
1966 TrialSurnames
Pasternak Nobel Prize Novel1958
Solzhenitsyn expelled from Writers' UnionYear
Solzhenitsyn expelled from USSRYear (The Gulag Archipelago)
% of time for foreign artists on radio

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