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Forced Order
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1920s % active Christians
Kyshtym fatalities
Moscow FireMonth + Year
No. churches closed under K
Kyshtym disasterMonth + Year
Actor playing StalinFirst name + Surname
Partiinost meaning
Censorship office
1976 religious dissident committeeLeader: Father Yakutin
1925 Tsaritsyn renamed
Campaign against veilsYear
?? NationalisedFor newspapers
History Textbook 1938Hagiography
Khrushchev's son in law, editor of IsvestiyaFirst name + Surname
Radio 'Lighthouse'Russian Name
No. TV sets 1950
1923 no. priests dead
New 'revolutionary name'
Baptisms renamed
1939 no bishops at liberty
K's harsh anti-religious campaignYears
Red Sport replacement
Decree on Freedom of ConscienceYear
League of the Militant Godless set upYear
1924 Stalin phrasePersonality Cult
No. TV sets 1958
TU Paper
1980s % religious people
Red SportDates (Years)
Party Paper
Petrograd renamed LeningradYear
% population illiterate 1917
Brezhnev's religious body
Ban on non-Socialist newspapersMonth + Year
1983 TU paper copies
1923 no. bishops dead
Village churches out of actionFraction
Patriarch Tikhon deathYear
'News' PaperRussian name
'Boss'Russian Word
1983 Party paper copies
1st Radio Station
Radio censorship organisation

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