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Forced Order
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Bolsheviks EstablishedYear
Tsarist Regime CollapsesMonth + Year
April Theses promises
Bolshevik take-overMonth + Year
No. of Bolshevik members 1917
The Bolsheviks took over from
Renamed 'Communist Party'Month + Year
Constituent Assembly votedMonth + Year
Bolshevik vote number
Social Revolutionary vote number
Bolshevik seats
SR seats
Treaty of... (1918)
Bolsheviks in warColour
Opposition in warColour
National minorities in warColour
Ban on FactionsPC, year
Civil War datesYear - Year
Bolshevik members by 1921
Kronstadt MutinyYear
Tambov RisingYear-Year
Lenin's ill health caused by
Nomenklatura number of names
Constitution establishedYear
Head of Cheka
Cheka formedMonth + Year
Cheka based in
Assassination attempt on LeninMonth + Year
Red Terror datesYear - Year
No. executed 1917-23
Number in Cheka Dec 18
Number in Cheka 1921
Stalin as general secretary dateYear
Cheka replaced by...
Fraction of party purged 1917-24
No. personal files Stalin had access to
Lenin Enrolment no.
Members of the Politburo after Lenin's deathSurnames- K,Z,B,Tr,R,T,S
Left Opponents expelledPC, year
Z + K readmittedYear
Stalin's book
Bukharin forced to admit 'political errors'Month + Year
Ryutin accuses Stalin of personal dicatorshipYear
Kirov accuses Stalin of unrealistic targetsPC, year
Kirov murdered by
1932-5 percentage purged
OGPU becomes...
Trial of 16Year
Trial of 17Year
Trial of 21Year
No. of officers purged (Red Army)
Yagoda replaced by...
Yagoda purged how many of the NKVD in 6 months?
Everyone given the voteYear
USSR invadeddd/mm/yyyy
Politburo met ?? times a year under Stalin
Mingrelian AffairYear
Doctors' PlotYear
Politburo became
Politburo enlarged from 10 to
After Stalin's death collective leadership...3x leading names (B,M,K)
Amnesty of prisonersdd/mm/yyyy
Secret SpeechPC, year
Beria arrestedMonth + Year
Crisis with anti-party groupYear
Khrushchev sackedYear
Brezhnev's phrase3 words
Party membership in 1953
Party membership in 1980
Brezhnev's cronies called...
Gerontocracy: by 1984 how many politburo members over 70
% of CC retained posts in 1976
Congress of SilencesPC, year
Andropov recommended... as successor
The Politburo appointed ??? after Andropov

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