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QUIZ: Can you name the British Reaction to Irish Agitation A Level History?

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Forced Order
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Dec 1919 Proposal no. counties in SI
3rd Home Rule Bill Introduceddd/mm/yyyy
2nd Land ActYear
2nd Home Rule Bill passed in
1869 ActGave Cath. Church equal standing
% Irish Population that were Catholic
1912-14 CrisisAsquith refused to cooperate with Unionists
Home Rule Bills all retained which post
1826 no. counties voted in a pro-emancipation MPIn Ireland
New Whig Gov. formedYear, demanded removal of Poynings Law
Monarch opposed to further Catholic Relief
Nationalists smuggled weapons to25,000 rifles
No. Irish Seats in Westminster after 1801 Act
Eamon de Valera MP for
Universities BillYear
1922 Act received Royal Assentdd/mm/yyyy
Trade Restrictions on Ireland abolishedYear
de Valera's plenipotentiariesSurnames
No. Royal Irish Constabulary killed by end of 1919
Land Act written byThree Surnames
Catholic Relief ActYear
Maynooth Grant passed 1845for-against numbers
N. Ireland voted to remain in Britaindd/mm/yyyy
Irish Free State Constitution Act passedYear
Group disapproves of gov. giving to private institutes
Land League Leader arrestedSurname
Declaratory Act repealed, Poynings Law changedYear
Not taking seat in WestminsterTechnical Name
No. tenant farmers in 1870
SF 1917 MP for North Roscommon
IPP lost seats to
Land War coordinated byGroup
Maynooth Grant yearly funding proposedIncrease from £8,800
Uni Bill failed to pass by ?? votes
Pitt replaced
HRB made law and suspended immediatelydd/mm/yyyy
1920 ActIntroduced Court Martial
1802 TreatyEnd to Anglo-French war
2nd Home Rule BillYear
1869 Act passeddd/mm/yyyy
UVF formedYear
1880 General Election no. seats to IPP
Year Gladstone adopts HR cause
1854-60 farmers wages rose byfraction
June 1921 DLG invited who to peace talks
Unionists smuggled weapons to
1st Home Rule BillYear
Liberal Unionist Party formedYear
William Pitt resignsMonth + Year
No. killed in Clerkenwell Bombing120 injured
Challengers of O'ConnellMP
1885 IPP no. seats won
1790s Reforms opposed bySurname/Title
1st Home Rule Bill defeated by ?? votes
Maynooth Grant to which instituteCatholic Seminary
3rd HR Bill passed in Commons by ?? votes
Clerkenwell BombingYear
2nd Home Rule Bill defeated by ?? in Lordsagainst-for
Land War datesYYYY-YY
3rd HR Bill defeated in Lordsagainst-for
Maynooth Grant money for repairs
Liberal Unionist Party formally merged with ConsMonth + Year
Jan 1881 Act
Leader of IPP 1912
1918 General Election no. seats to SF
1720 Act
Anglo-Irish Treaty signeddd/mm/yyyy
Maynooth Grant criticMP for East Kent
Land Act passedYear
1780s anti-Catholic riotsIn London
Supporter of O'ConnellMP
Law: all Irish Laws had to be passed by Britain
1922 Act
Blocked 1791 Cath. Relief ActPerson
Dec 1919 Proposal no. counties in NI

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