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AQA GCSE History B Roaring 20s key facts, dates, figures etc.

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Forced Order
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Policy of US cutting themselves off after WW1
Immigration Quota Act Year
Quota Act Limit on Immigrants
National Origins Act Year
Fordney McCumber Tariff Year
Fordney McCumber Tariff %
President that Instigated Protectionism
Popular Car (Ford)
Cost of Tin Lizzie in 1909
Cost of Tin Lizzie in 1928
Number of Tin Lizzies produced
USA produced ???% of the world's steel
USA produced ???% of the world's rubber
Boom in car industry causes the cycle of...
Gallons of petrol used in 1929
% of homes electrified by 1929
Number of cars in 1929
Proportion of People buying cars on credit
Republican Government's economic policy
Coco Chanel was a ...
Louise Brooks and Colleen Moore championed...
Name of a big film studio
Great Garbo was an...
New music called...
Popular style of architechture
How many black people were unemployed in the 1920s?
Older industries suffered such as
Coal Workers earnt... per 70 hour week
Textiles Workers earnt... per 70 hour week
Living Wage per week
% Living under the poverty line
Strike in North Carolina (Year)
Worth of farming industry in 1928
Farming declined due to
Fee for Immigrants to enter USA
Fear of ??? caused Isolationism
Fred Parmenter Killed Date (Month, date and Year)
Sacco and Vanzetti Arrested (month, Date and Year)
Sacco and Vanzetti Nationality, Politics
Sacco and Vanzetti Year Executed
No. People confirmed Sacco and Vanzetti's alibi
No. People identified Sacco and Vanzetti
KKK stands for
Name of film leading to KKK's second wave
Number of people in KKK in 1925
Number of people in KKK in 1930
Name of KKK member who raped and poisoned a girl
Number of Senators elected with KKK's backing
WASP stands for
Volstead Act Month +Year
Volstead Act banned what?
Number of speakeasies in NYC
Gallons of moonshine produced per year during prohibition
Al Capone's earnings in 1927 from bootlegging
Valentine's Day Massacre
Date prohibition was repealed (Month +Year)
Number of people enforcing prohibiton
Al Capone convicted of...
Collapse of Land prices in Florida (year)
Wall Street Crash (dd/mm/yyyy)
No. of people admitted to hospital starving in 1931
1929 unemployment
1933 unemployment
Number of banks that went bankrupt
Name of shanty towns people lived in post crash
Number of companies out of business in 1932

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