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Forced Order
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Name of civil rights campaign in WW2
CORE founded (year)
Roosevelt set up ??? to end discrimination
Segregation Laws called...
Number of houses bombed in Atlanta 1951-2 (by KKK)
Battle of Hayes Pond (year)
Death of Emmett Till in Mississippi (year)
Rosa Parks arrested (dd/mm/yyyy)
Number of days bus boycott lasted
Bus companies lost ??? over the year
Number of people boycotting in Montgomery
Bus Segregation made illegal (dd/mm/yyyy)
Plessy v. Ferguson (year)
Brown v Board (dd/mm/yyyy)
Govenor for Little Rock
Little Rock 9 refused entry school (dd/mm/yyyy)
Little Rock Nine able to enter school (dd/mm/yyyy)
This clause made it hard for black people to vote
NAACP formed (year)
Number of black people in army in WW2
Number of black people received medal of honour in WW2
Executive Order 9981 (dd/mm/yyyy)
% of man power that was black in Korean War
First sit-in, Greensboro (dd/mm/yyyy)
First Freedom Ride (dd/mm/yyyy)
No. Freedom Riders arrested in 1961
Desegregation of Interstate buses (month + year)
1st black student at Mississippi Uni (1962)
March on Washington (dd/mm/yyyy)
Number of people at March on Washington
Number of white people at March on Washington
Malcolm X involved in...
Mexico Olympics (year)
'Black Power' first coined (year)
'Black Power' first coined (person)
Nation of Islam founded by
Black Panthers founded (year)
% of black people allowed to vote in 1960 in Mississippi
Southern average of black people allowed to vote in 1960
Protests in Birmingham, Alabama (year)
Head of Police in Birmingham, Alabama
Civil Rights Act passed (month + year)
Passed by... (president)
MLK wins Nobel Peace Prize (month + year)
1965- MLK chooses this town to focus on
Meredith March (year)
'Where do we go from here?' published (year)
Watts Riots (month+ year)
Death Toll, Watts Riots
No. Race Riots in 1966
MLK assassinated (dd/mm/yyyy)
Riots break out in ??? cities after MLK's death

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