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Forced Order
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Unemployment in November 1924
Nazi Seats in Nov 1924
Unemployment in July 1932
Nazi Seats in July 1932
Name of Chancellor in 1930
Number of points on Hitler's plan
Hitler's book
Living Space
Country Germany would attack to provide living space
Death of Stresemann
Germany was ruled by ??? 's emergency powers
Nazi party relaunch (dd/mm/yyyy)
Nazi scapegoats
Year Von Papen appointed Chancellor
Date Von Schleicher appointed Chancellor (dd/mm/yyyy)
Date Hitler appointed Chancellor (dd/mm/yyyy)
The 3 Ks for women
German name for Lower Middle Class
Average Age of Nazi members
Reichstag Fire (dd/mm/yyyy)
Dutch Communist convicted for the fire
Name of Courts Hitler set up
Hitler's % of votes at March 33 election
No. of Communist Deputies arrested to give Hitler a majority
The Enabling Act (dd/mm/yyyy)
Hitler banned ??? from taking their seats
Hitler passed the Law for the protection of...
Law Against the Formation of New Parties (Month and Year)
Trade Unions Banned (dd/mm/yyyy)
Gestapo set up (dd/mm/yyyy)
Night of the Long Knives (dd/mm/yyyy)
Leader of SA
Number of SA men killed on the NotLK
Hindenburg dies (dd/mm/yyyy)
Hitler becomes the Fuhrer (dd/mm/yyyy)
Leader of SS
Leader of Gestapo
Race favoured by Nazis
Number of speakers set up
Head of Propaganda
Number of Authors banned
May 1933- Number of books burned on one fire
Year radio brought under state control
Teachers had to join...
Middle class young Germans that liked jazz
Name of group that killed the Gestapo chief
Anti-Nazi Students Group in Munich
Group of intellectuals responsible for July Bomb Plot
July Bomb Plot (dd/mm/yyyy)
Bonhoeffer executed (month and year)
The Beauty of...
Guns before...
Strength Through...
German name for roads
German name for self-sufficiency
Hitler encouraged the sacking of...
Law for the Encouragement of Marriage loaned ??? marks to new couples
Home for unmarried mothers
Kristallnacht (dd/mm/yyyy)
No. mentally ill patients killed 39-41
No. people sterilised 1934-45
Substitute for coffee
1943- Nazis tried to force ??? women to work
But only ??? actually went
Grams of meat per person per week by 45
Number of people killed in Hamburg bombing 1943
Foreign workers % of workforce in war

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