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Please louise, pull me off of my knees!
Careful how you speak, turn the other cheek, be careful how you speak.
On any Sunday lord i pray, tell me exactly the words to say.
And in your eyes salvations not so far away, its coming coser, closer every day
Now Daddy says 'Well i love her son but she's got marbles missing!' but i say hey, its free advice, and what do ya expect at that price?
Look at the moon slowly rising, look at the stars up above!!
I'm shaking my shoes, im spreading the news and it feels so good!
Can't you remember, when we were that age, pumped up wth promise, and wrestling with rage.
And he bores me to tears with his beers and his bikes, but i keep him around cause when temptation strikes, i got the motor, he's got the key!
I called the doctor, he said son, i cannot offer you a pill, so i never found release and now i got to moove until..
Oh you fel oh so trapped and confused, start with nothing you got, nothing to loose!!
He's gotta be strong and he's gotta be soon and gotta be larger than life!!
I don't enjoy being her jailor, i dont relish telling her no, but then i think what if i fail her, how can i just let her go?
I'm crossing the line, jumpin the track, takin whats mine and not lookin back!
My baby he don't talk sweet, he ain't got much to say, but he loves me loves me loves me, i know that he loves me anyway.
Oh Milo, come on, come on lets go!!
Trying not to scream, managed it before
Evr since the dawn of time, if anything, people had the right to howl at the moon and to moove all night!
This boy comes to me, this fatherless child, i scoff at his pain and send him away..
But you are dearer to my life than you could ever realize..

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