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QUIZ: Can you name the all the riddles ?

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riddles answers
98 squared times 34.5 divided by 0.0145 + 4356 +the square root of 144 divided by 789 times pie to the 19th power divided by 3 times 1,456,879,213 plus 213 to the 8th power divided
if you mix two colors what do you get
i am a number on a regular die [dice] that can be divided by 3 and my square root is a single digit number what number am i
why was george washington buried at mt.vernon
how many great lakes are there
what is your age
i am an odd number but take away one letter and i becoe even what num. am i
i run yet i don't walk i have a mouth yet i don't talk i have a bed yet i don't sleep i have a bank yet no money what am i
what is the number worn by celtics guard rajon rondo
what is this hijklmno
what is the answer to this question

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