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idea that each empire represented entire empire
this act was the first time the British Parliament was trying to directly tax the colonies without regulation of trade
body of merchants who became sons of liaison to ethnic groups
people in Livingston, Philipse & Cortland manors refused to pay their rent & began seizing land
imposed new taxes on imported goods
man removed from seat in Parliament because he wrote controversial writings
document that expanded the political sphere, attacked British constitution & voiced colonial grievances
the turning point in the war for the American colonists
before the revolution religious toleration came from______ ______
these rights applied to Protestants and Catholics
pamphlet where Jefferson wrote his own Bible because he believed religion was necessary for the mortality of the citizens
religious group granted civil and political rights after the Revolution
first written constitution, but had many problems
the percentage of the population blacks counted for
plan with two house legislature where the representatives were determined by the states' populations
plan with single house congress where each state cast one vote
one of the two house congress where each state had two members
one of the two house congress where representatives were determined by populations
relationship between government & people where people elected officials
treaty where most of Ohio and Indian land was given to the government and established the annuity system

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