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Can you name the Lord of the Rings Obscure Facts?

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What is the orc name for Barad-dur?
Who was Shelob descended from?
What is Sam's last line in The Return of the King?
What sea is inside Mordor
What language do the dunedain speak?
What is the elvish name for Mount Doom?
How many eagles came to rescue Frodo and Sam at the end of The Return of the King?
At the begging of the Fellowship of the ring, how old was Bilbo?
What city did the corsairs come from?
Who took command of Mordor's forces at Minas Tirith when the Witch King died?
Which orc begging in 'g' was stationed in Cirith Ungol
Which orc was in command of Saruman's forces when the fellowship was attacked at Amon Hen?
What is Gandalf's name in the west?
What is the proper name for the pillars of kings?
Which waterfall was Boromir sent over?
Where did Forlong come from?
Who was Aragorn's father?
What was Anduril's name before it was reforged?
What was the name of Gil-galad's spear?
What was the name of Eomer's sword?

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