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Can you name the Guess the Future Bass songs from Monstercat?

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HintAnswerExtra info
Grant BowtieI can't!!
WRLDGoing around in circles.....
Laszlo x WRLDU & I
Grant Bowtiewhat Nine?
Kasbosome mirror thing
WRLDmeans great victory
Hyper Potions (before they made their own alias name)Bae!
Grant BowtieWork with clocks!
AstronautDestination : Champions
Savoy & Sound Remedy She's __________ ___, man.
Hyper Potions A word that has to do with vacation? (Idk)
San Holo_______ EP
Karma FieldsBuild The Cities (The Reconstructions)
San Holo_______ EP
Hyper Potions & SubtactLet's go on a ___________
Deon Custom .....for you
Subtactover and over again!
HellbergGrill ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Stephen Walking & Hyper PotionsIt's Saturday Moring. (duh)
Richard a firefly
HintAnswerExtra info
Grant BowtieSomething to do with tides.....
KasboKasbo's back!
Deon Custom.....forever
RazihelLegendary Future Bass artist!
Pegboard NerdsTry Like That
Pegboard NerdsThe one that uses ____ all the time
Deon CustomLet's go to Hawaii guys!
Richard Caddock & Hyper PotionsKeep a certain length from each other guys!
San Holo(The Remixes)
San Holo(The Remixes)
Pegboard NerdsAgain?
Rezonatescans body
ConroMy way is somewhere....
HaywyreI Am Me (The Sequel)
HushDutch shushing
San Holosomething new...
San Holo(The Sequel)
HushDank EP
Conro'How am I going to make pun out of this??' - Mr. Muffin

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