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Can you deduce the varieties of potato from the cryptic hints given?

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Cryptic CluePotatoInitial
This potato sounds in good taste, but a bit of a Public Enemy? (5)F_____
This one will go down in the history books, or on tape (6)R_____
Sounds like a fishy spear... but don't tell him your name! (4)P_____
The highest potato in Wales? Sounds rather like a cold place to live... (7)S_____
Use this potato to repair your boots... in certain parts of the UK (5,7)I_____ C_____
The best potato ever, better than your potato (8)S_____
A potato in a dark-brown school jacket (6,6)B_____ R_____
A potato that will wake you up in the morning, perhaps? (6)R_____
A potato that is king of his own UK island (6,5)J_____ R_____
Try a rough guess for half of this one! (6)E_____
A Venetian, violin-playing potato. Eaten in all four seasons? (7)V_____
Mashed up in meals, sometimes seen with a cartoon Patty? (5)S_____
Responsible for the death of many snowboarders? (9)A_____
Hug lords for this quick and financially rewarding potato (8)G_____
It helps to act Latin around this watery potato (8)A_____
Ann, Victoria and Elizabeth (7,6)B_____ Q_____
Wait, so it’s a type of nut and a potato? (6)A_____
It’s amazing how this first-place potato can become a Wotsit (6,6)G_____ W_____
An enigmatic potato, seen in the Louvre (8)M_____
Careful you don't catch conjunctivitis from this one! (4,3)P_____ E_____
An avian potato, they can always be found in Mike's trellis (6)K_____
Vain or not, he is a potato with good ideas (9)I_____
You would get huge fries from one of these (8)M_____

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